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Office Action Response Services


What's an

Office Action??


When you file an application to register a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the USPTO assign an Examining Attorney to the application to determine whether the trademark meets the requirements for registration. If it doesn't, the Examiner will issue an Office Action.

According to USPTO statistics, Office Actions issue in about 80% of applications. An Office Action may involve a simple procedural matter, such as fixing the way that the application's goods or services are identified or classified. In other cases, the Examiner may have refused registration of the trademark for a substantive reason, such as a determination that the mark is descriptive or that there is a likelihood of confusion with a prior mark.

If you've found your way here, there's a good chance that you're a small business owner who attempted to file a trademark application on their own. For more information on being a DIY trademark applicant, check out this video:

When an Office Action issues, you have 6 months to file a Response. A Response to Office Action usually involves either amending the application or submitting evidence or arguments to convince the Examiner to withdraw their objections.

Even more so than other trademark application tasks, it is very helpful to have an attorney assist in preparing a Response to Office Action. Office Actions often involve complicated legal issues that require a robust knowledge of trademark law.

Knowmad Law offers free evaluations of Office Actions to help you understand your options and your likelihood of successfully overcoming this obstacle to trademark registration.

We also offer experienced, affordable representation for purposes of filing an Office Action Response. Although costs vary greatly depending on the complexity of the Office Action, the typical range of our fees is around $200-$500 for a straightforward matter such as an objection to the goods or services and around $500-$1,200 for more complicated issues such as likelihood of confusion or descriptiveness.

How can Knowmad Law help?



Knowmad Law?


Knowmad Law combines the expertise and reach of a large intellectual property firm with the personal, client-centered approach of a small-town attorney, all while offering transparent fee structures that make budgetary sense for small and mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals.

Like the nomadic warriors that inspired our name, we travel lightly but deploy the tools at our disposal for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Knowmad Law's trademark application services take aim at what matters most to clients: providing clients with personalized legal counsel to help them protect their brand from an experienced IP attorney and delivering a federal registration at a cost that they can justify.

Send us an email at or give us a call at 831-275-1401 or schedule a consultation or use this form:

Thanks for reaching out! Chris will follow up with you shortly.

Chris will get in touch with you ASAP to discuss your options and likelihood of success. We'll also provide you a cost estimate or fixed fee quote.


If you want to move forward with a response, we'll send you an engagement letter, which will summarize the terms and scope of our representation. Once you sign that and get a copy back to us, we'll prepare and file a Response to the Office Action, usually within a few days to a week or two.

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