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Flat Fee Plant Patent Application


What is a
Plant Patent?

Plant Patents are issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). They protect novel plant varietals and cultivars, granting the patent holder the exclusive right to reproduce, use, and sell the new plant breed for a period of 20 years. 

To learn more about intellectual property and new plant varietals, check out our article: Intellectual Property Protection for Plant Varietals and Cultivars

Knowmad Law offers a bundled plant patent application package for a flat fee of $875. In addition, the USPTO charges a number of fees, which vary depending on whether the applicant qualifies as a Small Entity or Micro Entity:

  • Basic Application Fee: $220 (Standard) $110 (Small) $55 (Micro)

  • Search Fee: $440 (Standard) $220 (Small) $110 (Micro)

  • Examination Fee: $660 (Standard) $330 (Small) $165 (Micro)

  • Issue Fee: $840 (Standard) $420 (Small) $210 (Micro)

How much does it cost?


Knowmad Law?


Knowmad Law combines the expertise and reach of a large corporate firm with the personal, client-centered approach of a small-town attorney, all while offering transparent fee structures that make budgetary sense for small and mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals.

Like the nomadic warriors that inspired our name, we travel lightly but deploy the tools at our disposal for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Knowmad Law's patent services take aim at what matters most to clients: providing clients with personalized legal counsel from an experienced IP attorney to help them protect their ideas and innovations at a cost that makes business sense.

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