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Nimble, innovative and willing to be radically unconventional, Knowmad Law takes its inspiration from the nomadic Steppe cavalry who vexed sedentary societies throughout Eurasian history. We strive to deploy our knowledge and legal acumen with the same efficiency and devastating effectiveness with which these mounted warriors loosed their arrows.

Hun. Turk. Mongol. Comanche. Nomads have repeatedly disrupted the established kingdoms they encountered. These nomads didn't build walled cities or invest in vast armies of heavily armored footmen. Instead, they leveraged new technologies like stirrups and gunpowder and proceeded with a mindset unconstrained by traditional dogma about how their forces (and their society more generally) should be organized.  Able to fire their bows backwards in the saddle, they engaged in feigned retreats, hit-and-runs, and other tactics that confounded their lumbering and complacent contemporaries.

Traditional law firms are stuck in the age of the armored footman, delivering services in ways that no longer fit the needs of modern small and mid-sized businesses. Unable or unwilling to adapt, the legal industry continues to pass along to its clients the costs of its obsolete practices and useless overhead, charging fees as inflated as they are opaque.


At Knowmad Law, we understand the world has changed. You need legal counsel that’s fast, responsive and armed with the right weapons.


Meet Chris

Christopher R. McElwain is Knowmad Law's principal attorney. Whether you’re filing a trademark application, drafting a business contract or confronting an infringement issue, chances are you’ll be working directly with Chris every step of the way from day one.

Chris is experienced in a range of practice areas affecting business owners and creative professionals, including trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, plant variety protection, domain names, licensing and other contracts, sweepstakes and contest regulation, online speech and civil litigation.


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